1120 Depot Lane, Suite 100, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

FAQs & Office Policies

Clients hire Anne K. Wilson Law Office, PLLC for the professional service delivered for each client’s particular and unique circumstances. Although each client has different needs, having consistent policies for all clients creates efficiencies that benefit all clients.  This information may answer many frequently asked questions and explains office policies.    

What are your office hours? The office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Email is the preferred method of communication (awilson@annewilsonlaw.com).  Telephone calls to 319.775.0136 are also preferred, but text messaging is not available except for automated appointment reminders.  Your attorney may be unavailable during office hours due to attendance at court, travel for court, client consultations, or other meetings.   We attempt to return telephone calls and email within 24 business hours. 

Do you offer a free consultation?  A half-hour consultation is $100.00 for criminal matters and civil litigation whether in person or by telephone.  Fees are not charged for initial probate, small business planning, or other flat fee type cases.

How do I make an appointment?    Please call or email the office directly to schedule an appointment. If a conflict arises and you need to cancel an appointment, please call or email at least 1 hour in advance.  Drop-in appointments cannot be accomodated, as the attorney is often in court or traveling to court. 

How should I get the documents to the attorney she needs for my case?: Electronic delivery is preferred.  Electronic Documents should be in .pdf format (NOT .jpeg or .gif).  Documents can be emailed or uploaded through sharefile: Clients can scan documents and email them, or upload them through Sharefile.  Clients with ongoing matters will also receive an invitation to create a client portal in PracticePanther, where clients can see and pay invoices, tasks, calendar dates, view any trust account balance, and can also securely message me and upload documents. FAQs for the client portal can be found at https://support.practicepanther.com/en/articles/593609-how-do-i-use-the-client-portal-to-communicate-with-my-attorney

Clients can drop off paper documents during office hours at 1120 Depot Lane SE, Suite 100, Cedar Rapids, IA.  Documents sent in or dropped off in paper form will be scanned and shredded, unless we are notified the originals should be returned.   Anyone dropping off documents should remove any staples before bringing them to the office.  Failure to do so will cause additional charges for billable time charged by the attorney or staff to remove the staples.

How will I be updated on my case?: We will update you via email for all documents from the court or opposing litigants.   All court filings in Iowa are done electronically and our office maintains only digital files. 

How can I pay my bill? Invoices are delivered via email.  I accept credit and debit cards, ACH and Paypal via the invoice link or the “Make A Payment” page on this website, or checks or money orders by postal mail. 

How can I protect the attorney-client privilege? Understand that information shared with others be it verbally, in writing via email, text message or letter, or even posted online could lead to the loss of attorney-client privilege if that information relates to the legal matter we are handling for you. Given this, we advise all clients to not communicate with us on any device provided by your employer or any computer, smartphone, or other device shared with someone else. In addition, when communicating with us, clients should not use a shared email account, and understand that using a work email account provided by an employer could cause the loss of attorney-client privilege. Only use a private email account that is password protected and only accessed from your personal smartphone, tablet or computer.

Should I talk about my case on social media? Clients are strongly encouraged to not participate and curtail their presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Skype) during representation. Information found on social media websites is not private, can be discoverable, and may be potentially damaging to a client’s case.  However, without first talking to me, clients should not attempt to delete any of social media accounts or posts, even if potentially damaging, as doing so can also lead to serious sanctions for destroying potentially relevant information. 

How long will you keep my file?  All files are kept indefinitely in electronic storage. Clients requesting copies of their archived file can contact our office and can retrieve either USB or email with their electronically stored file.   Original wills, trusts, powers of attorney and certified documents with “Wet” signatures are kept indefinitely.

What is a “shared office”?: Anne K. Wilson Law Office, PLLC is in a shared office environment, meaning, other tenants within the office suite are not affiliated with Anne K. Wilson Law Office, PLLC.   Clients should be assured that proper measures are taken to secure confidential information from persons who not employees of the Anne K. Wilson.  Clients should take care to not reveal confidential information while in the common areas in the office.